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I’ve Moved

Gone to sample the delights of Same blog, different name: Perplexicon. Enjoy!


Good evening, Blogosphere.

Good evening, blogosphere! (I am still undecided as to whether that word annoys me or not.) You have stumbled—or not, if you believe in fate—upon a blog which is glisteningly new at the time of writing. Yes, yes, I know. All writings are new at the time of writing. This may be true, but the dryness of the observation will not detract from my present enthusiasm for the project. But to the matter at hand! I, the aforementioned Mr. Contrarian (not my birth name I assure you), intend this to be a blog about philosophy, though I am sure that when the time and inclination beset me I may indeed write upon entirely unphilosophical matters—politics, literature, art, and anything that takes the fancy of the average open-minded person, in which category I gladly place myself. Anyone who places themselves in this category alongside me I encourage and implore to read whenever your curiosity lures you here, and to comment whenever I have written something that particularly irks you, so that I may reply to your comment and either persuade you into submission, or, more likely, irk you yet more vigorously.